Peace coloring pages 34

Peace is a concept that refers to a state of calm or tranquillity and the absence of disturbance, disorder, war and conflict. It also corresponds to a social and political ideal.

The 11 most popular symbols of peace in the world

Peace is a very important aspect for the development of life. It is about harmony, the absence of violence. Peace can also be defined as the absence of hostility. It is necessary for the creation of healthy interpersonal relationships.
All the countries of the world and some international organizations such as the United Nations have struggled hard to maintain peace between countries. To achieve this, these countries and organizations have tried to create awareness of the importance of peace and have created symbols to promote it.
Depending on the culture and context, there are 10 symbols of peace :
  • Dove
  • Symbol V with the hand
  • Symbol of peace ☮
  • Cultural symbol of Pax
  • The peace pipe
  • The olive branch
  • White Poppy
  • Paper crane
  • White hands
  • Rifle broken in two

Why is the dove the symbol of peace?

It is a universal image that has biblical origins. An emblem of peace, the dove originally represented the end of chaos. In the Book of Genesis, the bird announces the end of the Flood to Noah by bringing him an olive branch, proof that the water level had fallen.

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