Peppa Pig coloring pages 39

If you’re looking for a great range of downloadable coloring pages for Peppa Pig, you’ve found it right here. Your little ones can color in online or you can download and print them. Your kids can revisit some of the cute adventures that Peppa Pig has with her many friends from the village and her school. By coloring with your young toddlers, you are teaching them the value of slowing down and noticing details. Peppa Pig is very popular with youngsters, especially the simple lines help them to feel they have accomplished a finished product without much help.

Peppa Pig is a animated series designed for preschool children. It involves everyday outings to the shops and visiting friends or going to the playground. Although the characters are mammals, they speak English and wear clothes, they are like humans in all aspects except sometimes their animal noises are used. They also maintain some of the characteristics of their animal natures, for example, the Rabbits love eating carrots.

Peppa Pig Characters

Peppa Pig - a four year old girl pig who goes to preschool with her friends who are all animals of different species. Her favorite activities include playing dress ups, playing with her Teddy bear and because she is a pig, she loves mud puddles. She goes to playgroup to meet with her friends.
George Pig - he is Peppa’s little brother is really cute and funny. He always carries his toy dinosaur. When he cries, it is very loud, and he creates a huge mess with all his tears.
Rebecca Rabbit and her family live in a burrow on the hill near Peppa’s house are a family who the Pig family are friends with. They live in a burrow on the hill near Peppas house and Rebecca is a good friend with Peppa as they go to the same playgroup. The Rabbit family has 4 children. Richard Rabbit is the same age as George Pig and also cries a lot.
Pedro Pony is Peppa’s school friend who wears glasses and yellow clothes. He is a bit slow to understand things, and is a bit of a daydreamer, always late for school and is really forgetful. His father is an optometrist.
Zoe Zebra is a friend of Peppa. She wears a purple dress and has a stuffed toy friend, just like Peppa does. Her toy is called Monkey. She can play the piano like her father.
Madame Gazelle is Peppa’s teacher at playgroup. She has been teaching for so long that he also taught Mr & Mrs Pig, Peppa’s parents. There is a rumour that she’s a vampire. She is a musician and is great with the guitar.
Mr Potato is Peppa’s favorite TV character. He teaches young children to eat well and to exercise. His other friends are vegetables too.
Dr Hamster is a vet who treats all the animals. She has a pet tortoise called Tiddles, that frequently needs rescuing from trees. Dr Hamster is also a pilot and can visit sick animals a long way away.

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