Pj Masks coloring pages 38

We have some epic coloring pages for fans of the brave superheroes PJ Masks. Please download any of our high quality coloring pages for your children. You can have some quiet time and do these together, or make them a reward for helping with chores. They provide hours of wholesome fun and help development skills such as fine motor coordination and language too. Catchphrase: "PJ Masks, we're on our way, into the night to save the day!”

PJ Masks Characters
There are three main characters and a band of villains. Each of the heroes has special skills, weapons and vehicles.
Catboy (whose real name is Connor) who transforms into a cat and is has super hearing, night vision and super cat speed. He is able to jump high just like a cat, but he tends to do before he thinks. He is the leader of the gang and can be a bit too bossy. He drives a Cat Car and he lives next door to Owlette.
Owlette (real name Amaya) is a brown haired girl who wears red glasses. When she transforms, her superpower is her owl-like vision which lets her see things far away as though they are up close. She can fly because she is an owl, and she also flies in her own plane, the Owl-Glider. She lives in the PJ Masks tower between Catboy and Gekko.
Gekko (real name Greg) transforms into a green reptile, complete with fins on his head. His superpower is his ability to camouflage himself to blend into whatever surroundings he is in. He can also go invisible. He also has super Gekko Muscles, an extraordinary strength to lift heavy things, and he can walk on water and up walls. He drives the Gekko Mobile, which has an amphibious mode to drive underwater, and up and over buildings. Other characters: There are always dastardly villains who try and outwit the PJ Masks team. Romeo is by far the most evil as he has even created a robot to interfere with PJ Masks good works. He one managed to take over the city. He has a mobile lab full of gadgets and devices to try and beat PJ Masks. Armadillian is his main sidekick, motivated by revenge as he was a PJ Mask but they kicked him off the team as he took too many risks that put others in danger. Luna GIrl is a thief who wants to steal ‘daytime’ objects to have for herself. She has a magnet that she uses to draw objects to herself.

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