Shark coloring pages 66

There are several species of sharks, for example, the white shark, the hammerhead shark, the whale shark, the basking shark etc. Its skeleton is not made of bones but of cartilage. It is a predator that lives in all the oceans of the world, even in the Arctic Ocean. It is elongated and has two dorsal fins and three pectoral fins, a main fin, a pelvic fin and an anal fin. The fin of its tail is used to propel itself and to change direction while the fins of its chest are used as rudder. Its size varies from one species to another. Its skin is covered with scales to protect it from parasites. Unique in the animal world, its jaws are independent of each other and mobile. They are furnished with hundreds of teeth which are renewed with the length of its life. Its food consists of fish, plankton, turtles, dolphins and even other sharks. It takes several years for the shark to become sexually mature. It mates in the water and gestation can last from 7 months to 2 years. At birth, the baby shark is perfectly autonomous. Depending on its species, the shark has a lifespan of between 50 and 70 years.

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