Simpson coloring pages 31

On December 17th 1989 The Simpsons appeared on television screens. These beings with yellow skin brought a completely innovative humour and memorable characters, such as Mr. Burns, Bart and Homer. The Simpson family is composed of five members, Marge, the mother, Homer, the father, the eldest son Bart a rebellious boy who doesn't like school, Lisa a passionate girl about music and very gifted and finally Maggie the youngest, a baby. These five characters all live situations that more incredible than the other in their small town of Springfield but also in other cities and even other countries because the Simpson family travels a lot! In this crazy family other characters come along like the twins who are Marge's  older sisters who hate Homer. Lenny and Carl, friends working with Homer, Moe holding the bar where Lenny, Carl and Homer often find themselves after work, Milhouse, Bart's best friend who is in love with Lisa, Mr. Burns the penny-pinching boss of the nuclear plant and his faithful Smithers, Ned Flanders a neighbour and good Christian who Homer hates, Wiggum the Chief of Police, Seymour Skinner, the headmaster ... unforgettable characters that make their audience laugh! This cartoon is also one of those in which the most famous people appear and lend their voices for special episodes. Traditionally every year on Halloween there is a special horror episode which is always much more fun than scary. As the seasons and episodes of the Simpson family continue a lot has evolved especially in terms of graphics and in voices, several actors doubling them. Furthermore there aren't as much actors as there are  characters in the series! For example the interpreter  of Homer is also the voice of Otto Bus, the driver of the school bus. The one who lends his voice to Marge is also responsible to those of Patty and Selma Bouvier, her sisters. The most surprising is the actor who is Krusty because he also lends his voice to the terrible Mr. Burns, Moe, Chief Wiggum and the headmaster who yet have very different characters and voices! So a large amount of things are hidden  behind the world of The Simpsons but primarily they are drawings and thanks to the colorings that are offered to you, you'll be able to play with the Simpson family!


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