Skylanders coloring pages 59

Here is a series of coloring pages on the Skylanders ! The first of Skylanders was Spyro the dragon created in 1998 for a video game carrying his name. Later, in 2011 , other Skylanders  emerge in an awesome game console , combining the technology of video games and media in the form of actual figures , revolutionizing the world of gaming. Each figure needs to be placed on a special stand for the character to be activated , making the immersion even more incredible ! Today more than fifty different characters can be played and several extensions are available to allow fans of the series have more fun ! But what is the purpose of Skylanders ? The Skylanders are inseparable from the terrible Kaos , an evil tyrant threatening to destroy Skylands , against which they must fight using all their special powers. Since the last extension of the game characters have new abilities, such as flying , climbing or teleportation, in addition to their original special powers. The best known are of course Skylanders Spyro the dragon but also Slam Bam , a kind of monkey with several arms, Eruptor , a monster made of magma with a giant mouth , or Tree Rex , the giant tree that holds colossal strength, but also Flashwing , the dragon with crystal wings or Terrafin , a land shark equipped with powerful claws .There are three generations of Skylanders , the Giants , fighters have been banished but came back to fight against the threat of Kaos and there are the members of the Swap Force , they secured a mighty volcano for years until a powerful explosion disrupted everything. All these Skylanders are divided into several specialties , fire, water, earth, life , air, magic, death and technology, surely you know if you like the Skylanders . In these fantastic coloring images you'll be able to find all of this and coloring your favorite characters in battling postures , showing how strong they are and frightening! Beautiful designs await you in this category of coloring , it remains up to you to choose if you want to follow the original colors of the designs you want to reproduce of your heroes or completely change the colors using radically different shades ! Then imagine the glorious fight , and the defeat of the terrible Kaos to save Skylands.

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