Sleeping Beauty coloring pages 25

On the occasion of their daughter's christening, the king and queen organize a sumptuous party, inviting family, friends and seven fairy godmothers (or three fairies, depending on the version) who are benevolent to the child. Each of them offers a gift to the princess: beauty, grace, etc. Suddenly, an evil fairy, who was not invited, appears and casts a deadly spell on the princess: on her sixteenth birthday, the princess pricks her finger on the spindle and dies. Fortunately, one of the young and good fairy godmothers who had hidden to speak last mitigated the curse of the evil fairy: "Instead of dying, she will only fall into a deep sleep that will last a hundred years, at the end of which the prince, the son of a king, will come to wake her up. To protect his daughter, the princess, the king immediately forbade her to spin a spindle or to have a spindle on pain of death. However, on her sixteenth birthday, in a remote part of the castle, the princess discovers an old spinner who does not know the ban. She immediately pricks herself with the spindle and falls asleep, along with all the inhabitants of the castle. Over the course of a hundred years, the castle was invaded by vegetation. It is rediscovered only after a hundred years, when a prince, the son of a king, enters and awakens the Sleeping Beauty, the princess. According to Perrault's version, there is no kiss or rape, contrary to rumor, which wakes the princess. It is the entrance of the Prince in her room that marks the awakening.

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