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Sonic the Hedgehog is the main character in the game. It was first introduced in his first game, Sonic the hedgehog (1991). Sonic is to Sega what Mario is to Nintendo, so Sonic is Sega's mascot. He is a hedgehog and is the fastest and most supersonic in the world. What is particular dear to him and of course it is, that he is blue... and that he runs faster than the sound of course... Sonic is often assertive to his head, he is more likely to act before thinking, he is a hedgehog who loves action above all. Sonic likes to serve people, help people in difficulty. He fights most of his time to fight for her freedom and to thwart Dr. Robotnick's (Eggman) plans. Sonic often fights alongside Tails, Knuckles and sometimes Amy. Sonic's design has changed enormously over the years, but Sonic remains a character who has always kept his charisma. With the help of the 7 Chaos Emerald, Sonic can be transformed into Super Sonic. He then obtains the ability to fly or float above the water. The first appearance of Super Sonic goes back to Sonic the hedgehog 2 on Megadrive.

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Miles Prower
Tails is the 2nd hero in Sonic's universe, he first appeared in the Sonic the hedgehog 2 game on Genesis (Megadrive) and still follows Sonic from the beginning. His real name is Miles Prower but he prefers to call it Tails. This fox is very intelligent but a little shy, he always needed Sonic to help him get by until one day he learned to get by much more on his own. Tails is a very talented mechanic and has the ability to fly with his 2 special queuses. Tails is Sonic's best friend and admirer. Tails spent most of his days making robot planes, etc... in his workshop at Mystics Ruins.

Knuckles the Echidna
This is the third hero of the series, he appears for the first time in Sonic the hedgehog 3 on Genesis (Megadrive), Knuckles often plays the role of Gentile who gets played by Dr. Robotnick (Eggman). It is a red animal bristling with spines, an echidnas. Knuckles is an honest character but he also has an arrogant side. With his strong arms, Knuckles can punch that can destroy robots, demolish rocks and he can also make gliding flights that can be used as an attack. It will be playable for the first time in the game Sonic and Knuckles on Genesis (Megadrive). Knuckles was once the main character in his Knuckles Chaotix game on Sega 32X.

Shadow the Hedgehog
Shadow the dark side of Sonic, each hero has his dark side. And it's true that until now Eggman (or Robotnik) was the only real villain, so the Sonic Team wanted to create a new opponent to match. Shadow has a dark, black color, more wrinkled and nasty eyes, a more serious path, stylish gloves and a slight presence of red between the thorns "wicks of color" style How was he born? And at the same time as the new concept of Sonic Adventure 2 on Dreamcast (released internationally on June 23rd 2001 for the 10th anniversary of the hedgehog), Yuji Naka and his band wanted to make a new adventure that would be playable as well by being on the side of the Heroes as the Darks. As Eggman was the only villain, it was necessary to invent two more to compete with Sonic, for the race, Tails for robot battles and Knuckles for the treasure hunt. Eggman versus Tails, Knuckles versus Red, and Sonic versus Shadow. This was the strong point highlighted during the game's launch campaign. So Shadow is Sonic's rival, let's say one of the only ones who can roughly follow him. But our hedgehog, and it is well known, is definitely the fastest, and this, from birth.

Amy pink
Every Hero has his fiancé and Sonic doesn't shy away from the rule, even if it's Amy who wants to be with Sonic and Sonic doesn't seem really interested has left the adventure for the couple's life. Amy is a character that people think of as an annoying character, slowing down the hero. Some people take her for a character who represents femininity, always happy and always there to help others... and that's what she really is. Amy first appeared in the Sonic CD game where Sonic must save Amy. After this game Amy appeared in most of the games. Over the years, Amy has changed her look a lot. She went from a childish style to a more teenage style

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