Spider coloring pages 36

Spiders 🕷️, like scorpions, pseudoscorpions and mites are part of the class Arachnida. There are over 47,600 species of spiders in the world, including nearly 700 in Quebec. Specialists believe that many other species have yet to be discovered.

Spider Life cycle

The life cycle of spiders varies according to the species. These arthropods do not undergo metamorphosis. The young, also called juveniles, resemble the adults but are smaller. Like insects, spiders grow by changing their "skin" during the moult. The exoskeleton tears on the dorsal part and the spider gets out with the help of its legs. The number of molts is different for each species.

Spider Ecological roles

Spiders are voracious predators and consume large quantities of insects. By feeding, they regulate populations and provide a form of biological control in many natural and agricultural environments. They also play an important role in the control of insect pests.

Spider Habitat

Spiders are found everywhere in nature. However, several species live inside homes or on buildings. Spiders that live in close proximity to humans, using their gardens as habitats or nesting places, are called synanthropes.

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