Spongebob coloring pages 164

SpongeBob is an absolutely fabulous hero who lives in the ocean with his friend Patrick the starfish , but also Carlos Tentacle, his antisocial neighbour, Eugene Krabs , the owner of the local restaurant, and Sandy, a completely crazy and overexcited squirrel from Texas who lives under a dome and never leaves the house without her astronaut suit . SpongeBob cartoons are known and loved not only by children but also many adults , with a completely shifted tone and wacky endearing characters . Bob is a eternal naive with full of good intentions , his friend Patrick is a bit silly but has a very good background, Carlos is hot-tempered but very funny in his asocial exaggerated behaviour , while Sandy the squirrel always brings a touch of enthusiasm worthy of being part of the best films of combat. In addition SpongeBob can take many forms thanks to the properties of his body made of sponge ,he has big blue eyes and a smile equipped with two front teeth that give him fun expressions in all situations. Bob and his friend Patrick always find a way to put themselves in unlikely situations , largely because , when they start playing they don't know when to stop, the likely end up by annoying those around them very strongly , and in particular their neighbour Carlos , who hates Bob and finds it very difficult to tolerate the existence of Patrick , the star of the sea that's particularly silly. But thanks to the perseverance of all these heroes each sticky situation always ends well , to the delight of those who follow their adventures! And you, do you know much about SpongeBob and Bikini Bottom residents,  their underwater city ? Do you like Bob or Patrick ? Or would you like to know the recipe for Mr. Krabs , just like the Plankton Sheldon his formidable enemy ? In any case you will probably want to paint all of the designs that are available to you in the collection Sponge Bob because they are as extraordinary as the cartoon hero with the special charisma ! Perhaps you will want to change the color of his usual white and brown suit or even his yellow sponge body , or you will decide to make Patrick to be a gold star instead of a starfish ? You can do what you want with these drawings, and find joy with all your favorite characters in fun and original situations!

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