The Incredibles coloring pages 11

Bob Paar was once one of the world's greatest superheroes. Everyone knew Mr. Indestructible, the hero who saved hundreds of lives and fought evil every day. Today, Mr. Indestructible is a small-time insurance adjuster who faces nothing but boredom and an ever-expanding waistline.

Helene Parr, better known by her super-name of Elastigirl, has, with her husband Bob, hung up the suit to raise their children. For them, fighting crime is a thing of the past. But when she's asked to head up a campaign to put the Supers back in the spotlight, she discovers she's lost none of her versatility or ability to solve mysteries.

Bob Parr is nostalgic for the days of the Supers. He was Mr. Indestructible, a famous superhero whose Herculean strength allowed him to take down bad guys with a wave of his hand. Since the Supers were banned, Bob has kept a relatively low profile, but the appointment of his wife Helene as the leader of the Supers rehabilitation movement changes all that. Bob must now manage the household single-handedly... and that requires a whole new set of superpowers!

Jack-Jack Parr, the baby of the family, just wants to drink his bottle and listen to good stories. With his gibberish and tendency to throw food, Jack-Jack seems like the ultimate baby, but he may be the most powerful Parr.

Violet Parr, the eldest of the clan, is a smart, introverted 14-year-old who has trouble fitting into the normal world. Socially awkward, outspoken and sarcastic, Violet plays her teenage role to perfection, while secretly mastering her superpowers that make her invisible and give her the ability to emit force fields. Deeply Super, Violet can't help but want to fight crime with her entire family.

Violet Parr & Arrow Parr : Restless, tireless and curious, Arrow Parr is a 10-year-old boy with the power of super-speed. He has a strong sense of adventure and an endless supply of energy. What he wants more than anything is to show off his skills and fight a few bad guys along the way. He doesn't understand why his powers have to remain a secret.

Edna Mode has an impeccable sense of design, a keen understanding of cutting-edge technology, and skills that are second to none. She is a visionary designer who hopes the Supers will return so she can once again make functional and innovative costumes.

Lucius Best is not only Bob's best friend, he's also a former Super who keeps his head so cool he can freeze anything in a heartbeat. When he's not fighting crime as Frozone, Lucius is the epitome of class. With his quick wit and positive attitude, he wouldn't hesitate to get back into the game if it would bring the Supers back into the spotlight.

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