The Little Mermaid coloring pages 87

Do you like mermaids ? These half woman, half fish creatures have been part of legends of sailors for centuries that it is difficult today to know the origin. It seems that every time the mermaids have fascinated men and even today many people are interested. Whether for their incredible ability to move gracefully in the water, their mysterious powers related to the element of water , or their famous song capable of sinking ships making men mad or charm them , mermaids are equipped with unique skills that can both frighten and fascinate everyone. The most famous mermaid is of course The Little Mermaid, invented by Andersen and whose story was published in 1876 , later taken up by Disney studios in Ariel the little mermaid . Ariel is the daughter of the king under the oceans and dreams only of one thing, join the human world and discover the wonders she thinks she can find . But her tail can't walk on land and only Ursula can change that, the wicked witch half woman, half octopus. Ursula agrees to give Ariel legs but she takes her voice in return. To get her voice back, Ariel must convince a man of sincere love . Mermaids are generally seen as , secret, secondary or principal, seduce men , either to join their world or to drag the men with them to bottom of the ocean . It is also said that they like to collect objects from the surface and accumulate treasures in their homes under the ocean. And of course mermaids live in the oceans alongside dozens of marine animals and can build relationships with them, especially with fish, dolphins and seahorses, these mysterious sea horses , but they often fear the moray eels and sharks. If you are passionate about mermaids you can find their world through all these quality designs and color them according to your taste to give lovely colors to your mermaids and all the fish and sea creatures. In addition you can illuminate colourful beautiful seascapes or find Ariel the little mermaid in several images! The only thing left to do is to choose the one you like the most and start coloring these mermaids!

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