Tom And Jerry coloring pages 74

Do you know Tom and Jerry? Do you know which one is the cat and who is the mouse? If you do know then you must know them well, because only few people know!

Tom and Jerry is an American series created in 1940, it's quite old, although it's still fun and timeless in the subject it deals with.Each episode tells a short adventure about Tom and Jerry, Tom being the greedy cat who chases the mouse, finding it totally abnormal that she walks shamelessly in the house! Although the frame of each story is always the same, no episodes are alike as the attempts are always different for Tom and Jerry always finds a way to escape, which never ceases to amaze his audience. In addition to the humour of these two heroes is so powerful that you can't get bored, and they can sometimes be adorable, especially the little mouse Jerry. But despite their rivalry Tom and Jerry reach agreements on several occasions, and their arguments only reinforce their knowledge of one another, so bottom line they are good comrades who don't really want to hurt each other. Tom and Jerry always travel together, whether for a vacation in the mountains, at the beach, in other cities or even around the world! They are inseparable as the title of their series, Tom is never without Jerry! Do you like Tom and Jerry have a friend that you barely separate from? Have you ever spend the holidays with a buddy? In that case you surely know that it's difficult to never argue even if it's someone you love very much, but the important thing is how to forgive and to continue to move forward together by confronting difficulties! But Tom and Jerry are not the only characters portrayed in the series, there is also Spike, the angry bulldog, and the sworn enemy of Tom. Thus the circle is complete, and one who pursues the mouse is also pursued! Jerry often benefits from Spikes presence , it helps him to escape, but sometimes he teams up with Tom to fight against the invading dog! Thanks to all the colorings that are offered to you here you'll be able to relive the adventures of Tom and Jerry and give them the colors you like!

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