Totally Spies coloring pages 7

The Totally Spies girls are totally crazy but with a large class who fight terrible enemies in colorful combinations !

A picture of Charlie's Angels , the Totally Spies are three dynamic young women who fear almost nothing to tackle the tasks entrusted to them !

There was first Sam, a redhead with long hair whose favorite color is green , deemed to be the most intelligent of the three girls. She is passionate about art in all its forms , especially paintings and literature, and has a logical mind often unstoppable . Its qualities make her a good leader of the group, even if the three heroines all have their role to play in the fabulous adventures they live . The biggest rival Sam is Dominique .

Then comes Clover, a blue-eyed blonde who loves fashion and shopping . It often falls in love and can spend a lot of time to be beautiful but it is no less serious when it comes to action and can always count on her in the team. She loves challenges , especially when wearing his red combination of retributive and its biggest rival is Mandy .

Finally there is Alex , a brunette with brown to coppery skin, the youngest of the three eyes. It is often quite awkward and made ​​many mistakes , which sometimes makes it look like a brainless as it often makes remarks totally shifted. Yet it is a very popular character because it is fun and it has very good background. It is the best in all sports , especially martial arts. His favorite color is yellow .

But the three girls are not alone in their adventures ! Their mentor is Jerry Lewis , chairman of WOOHP , which sends a mission when something goes wrong. There are also dozens of other characters more interesting than the others , that you will recover with three daughters and Jerry coloring in all offered here ! Do not hesitate to turn designs to choose those you like best and your favorite color among three or breathtaking action scenes heroin. You can prolong the pleasure of cartoons and live the adventures of three girls beyond the episodes that you can watch on TV .

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