Uglydolls coloring pages 12

moxy (kelly clarkson): the leader of the group. she has an insatiable curiosity, limitless confidence, and the unique ability to make others feel great about exactly who they are, but she’s also looking for something more. ox (blake shelton): the unofficial mayor of uglyville and a mentor to all the other uglydolls. his main concern is making sure the uglydolls are safe, but he’s also always on the lookout for a party. ugly dog (pitbull): moxy’s closest friend and companion. he’s also got a smart collar with every gadget you can imagine. wage (wanda sykes): a chef by trade and can be frequently found cooking up some amazing and inventive culinary concoctions. babo (gabriel iglesias): the largest, hungriest and handiest of the uglydolls. when you want something done you bring babo along. lucky bat (wang leehom): a wise, thoughtful and mysterious advisor, but he’s a little insecure about his abilities.

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