Valentines Day coloring pages 228

Ah, Valentine's Day, what a wonderful day! Hearts, cards, candy, flowers, and chocolate, either milk, dark or white, it will always be enjoyed by the one who receives it! The great romances we love watching and reading such as those offered by many cartoons, movies, stories, and books. Declarations of love, couples holding hands, lovers who enjoy this happy day to make their marriage proposal feeling the heart beating "yes" from their beloved one, who feels their heart filled with joy when they finally hear and share this happiness with their elected one, windows beautifully decorated showing items that could be given as gifts for the holiday of love in beautiful banners announcing the party who is the honor, the romantic candlelit dinners in a restaurant, what wonders! Cupid, his bow, and heart -shaped arrows and small wings, this angel ensuring that couples are formed and each person is to find the one that is destined to be with, the icon of Valentine's Day is so incredible he even has the power to make the most rebellious spirits and the most adventurous heroes fall in love! He is the origin of the most famous couples, Aladdin and his beloved Jasmine, Beauty Aurora and Prince Philip, Pongo and Rita , Ariel and Eric, Mickey and Minnie, Donald and Daisy and many more! For this day of love to be perfect Cupid isn't the only one working, his faithful friends such as doves are the messengers that carry the sweet words to their recipients and they will not be alone! Cute kittens as Hello Kitty carrying these messages with joy to those to whom they are addressed, but this is not all! Plants take a thousand forms reminding the honor of this wonderful day! Tender cuddling teddy bears holding hearts are waiting for you to make pretty colors, as well as beautiful bouquets of flowers, beautiful and original valentine cards and romantic couples. It is up to you to decide what the best colors are to represent this fabulous day! Carefully chose each of them and combine them with originality so that your drawings become beautiful on this glorious day of love!

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