Vampire coloring pages 23

Vampires, these creatures of the night, have intrigued humans for a very long time! They have been known since Antiquity and throughout the world. Undead, blood drinkers thanks to their sharp canines and above all immortal. We like to imagine what they can really look like and many writers have done it, for example: Bram Stoker with "Dracula" (who sleeps in a coffin, fears daylight and wooden stakes), Anne Rice with "The Vampire Chronicles" (which describes several vampires, with more emotions), or more recently Stephenie Meyer with "Twilight" (with more human and less monstrous vampires). Vampires remain legendary creatures, with no real proof of their existence.

On the other hand, there is a very real creature, called the vampire bat (of the subfamily Desmodontinae)! This type of bat is found in tropical areas, mainly in South and Central America. Nocturnal, they live in colonies, have sharp incisors and feed partly on mammal blood (20ml of blood per day on average that they suck with their tongue). They can occasionally attack humans while they are sleeping but their bites are painless. However, their saliva contains anticoagulant substances, so the wound continues to bleed for several hours. Their bites can transmit diseases such as rabies, so it is better to protect yourself from them, using a simple mosquito net for example.

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