Winx coloring pages 56

A world full of magic and enchantment? This is the Winx Club! This series of Italian origin dates from 2004 where it depicts a group of girls with extraordinary powers that prove to be fairies! Bloom, the heroine learns that she has a rare power even for a fairy, Dragon Flame. It will help another fairy named Stella and eventually she'll join the world where she comes from and integrate a school where she will learn to control her power! Unfortunately among the fairies there aren't only nice ones , the mean fairies, are the Trix, horrible fairies that lead the army of darkness and try to destroy Bloom and her friends. However thanks to their powers they can defend themselves, they even manage to transform, becoming even more powerful! They then manage to defeat the Trix and their army but now it is the Red Phoenix which stands in their way, determined to capture Bloom and obtain her power. He manages to impose his evil influence on Bloom but her friends won't let her down and they search for a way to release this control. Her friends find specialists who are able to deliver Bloom. Unfortunately, things did not stop there and they must confront Valtor who seems to know things about the Bloom family. She and her friends continue to evolve as Fairies and her friends finally become guardians of good saving what they hold most but dear Bloom fails to become a guardian of good, she will when  she'll save her  parents later the kingdom of Domino. But that's not all! Winx discover that they have more power and learn to control their two other gifts and Bloom will becomes the Princess of Domino. While she will try to settle in this new life, her friends will face the return of Trix accompanied by ancestral witches who want to destroy the tree of life! Again the young fairies fight their opponents with courage and manage to defeat them but they have not said their last word! Many adventures to follow and you surely followed with great interest all the adventures of these incredible fairies! Come meet Bloom and her friends in this beautiful gallery of drawings to color, select the ones you like and paint them to your liking so that Winx are exactly as you imagine them!



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