Zelda coloring pages 29

Dating from 1986 and published by Nintendo Zelda quickly became a video game icon with a hero that many have taken for an elf! This hero called Link is very unlucky and always finds himself involved in the problems of others and as he is always ready to lend a hand he decides to help them, thus his quests begin! He does not know yet but his fate is written, he is the hero of time chosen by the Triforce to bring and maintain peace in Hyrule. To him opposes the villain Ganondorf that vowed to seize the Triforce. Link the Hero of Time brandishes his sword and mounted his trusty steed, Epona, which led to his incredible destiny and Princess Zelda. During his quest to defeat the evil Ganondorf Link solves puzzles through his wittiness to get objects with magical powers that will help defeat this man and save Princess Zelda who has unfortunately taken away by the traitor ! He will also meet several allies who will help him in his quest unluckily they will never be there when he'll wander for hours labyrinth dungeons infested with monsters! After many adventures he finally manages to find the hideout of Ganondorf, he'll face him and win. His enemy will then curse him and his descendants before disappearing. Link saves Zelda who knows that he is the hero of time and she makes him return it in the past to allow him to live the happy childhood he could not have because of her and Ganondorf. But he will return, save the princess again and causes other problems. Again the valiant hero goes in the search of objects and allies that can help him defeat Ganondorf and save the princess. It was then the turn of his daughter to live incredible and crazy adventures, face horrible monsters and save the young women in distress and the whole country at the same time. All that remained exciting as the history of Hyrule contains so many mysteries and secrets are which are revealed gradually and its universe is so rich that you can't get bored. And you love Zelda? Do you want to continue adventures in this universe? So there, you just have to choose your picture in this gallery, take your pencils and go! Start colouring!

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