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Welcome to our adult coloring pages landing pages where you will find an amazing collection of images designed to appeal to adults of all ages, genders and walks of life. We have some of the internet’s most amazing and challenging adult coloring in pages. You could spend many many hundreds of tranquil hours finalizing some of our intricate and beautiful images on offer. For the experienced coloring in enthusiast we have tiny spaces in patterns that you can use color to bring out the artist’s vision. It is very satisfying to see the image take shape as you add dimensions of color. By doing the same picture in different bold colors or different tones, you can really produce very different pieces, with different emotional resonances.

Over the last few years, the interest and scope of coloring pages for adults has multiplied. This has occurred as many people, while coloring in with their children realise that it is enjoyable and it is calming for them to do. Instead of coloring in children’s pages, we have provided a vast collection of intricate and interesting pictures with themes as diverse as superheroes to psychedelic pop-art style pieces. It is a great idea to bookmark our page and revisit it often as our collection of adult coloring in pictures is growing all the time, with our wide audience around the world.

In these days of endless electronic notifications constantly disrupting your thoughts, it is no wonder that many people are feeling stressed at the end of the day. Without a peaceful way to relieve stress, you could easily turn to anti-social forms of escapism such as alcohol and drugs. However, many people find that at the end of the day to spend some quiet reflective time with some coloring in pencils is very soothing. It is a great and economical way to reset the mind.
Benefits of coloring in for adults
The benefits of coloring in for adults include:
1. Economical. Pencils and paper are inexpensive
2. Portable. You can take it anywhere you go
3. Lo-tech or high tech. If you are someone who cannot be at ease without a screen, we even have coloring in digitally straight from your device. This is perfect for people who do not have access to a printer.
4. It can be done solo or with friends. It is a great social activity to get friends together over a glass of wine, music in the background and coloring in sheets while making small talk.
5. For people who are introverted and feel shy then having an activity to do with people is less threatening than face-to-face conversation, and the benefits of social interaction will still be felt.
6. Good for people who do not feel that they are particularly ‘artistic’ and at the same time, build some of the skills that can lead them to this type of creative outlet overtime. If you start with coloring in and do not feel confident to draw, with better hand eye coordination that comes with coloring in, you may find that you can draw much better than you had imagined.

Sleep scientists have found a link between coloring in before bedtime and falling into a peaceful effortless sleep. Following patterns in this way, especially when coloring in mandalas and detailed geometric patterns can soothe the mind in a similar way to meditation. It helps to reduce worries that can prevent people from easily falling asleep. Even if scientists have not fully proven the many benefits, the high increase in the sale of adult coloring in books demonstrates that a huge number of adults feel that it is a definite benefit for them.

Range of themes

In our adult coloring pages, you will find images that include nature such as flowers, butterflies, animals, abstract shapes and patterns that fill a whole page, religious iconography such as the Buddha, Jesus and spiritual images of native people around the world. In the adult range of designs, there is a tendency for them to be highly stylised and very intricate. For those adults who are beginners to coloring in, you may feel overwhelmed by the difficulty of many of these images. For you we would recommend starting with some color by numbers to help you get into the groove of what we can offer you. The selection of images in the ‘teen’ section is also a great starting point for adults who are new to coloring in.

The Mandala section comes in easy to extremely difficult. Doing mandalas is a great way to mimic a meditation and for people who find sitting still and trying to clear their mind through meditation (and then feeling like a failure as they begin to fidget!) then coloring a Mandala gives your hand something to do while in a sense your mind calms down and empties of the white noise that is so often buzzing around. After doing some coloring in you will find a renewed focus for your work, your children or your partner as they will get your full attention, not a busy-brain attention.

We include themes from popular culture, featuring sophisticated images from Lord of the Rings, Star Wars, Breaking Bad and The Walking Dead. We have some really amazing pictures of famous landmarks and architecture such as the statue of liberty, the Eiffel Tower, and the Pyramids of Giza. We also depict famous people such as Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, Eleanor Roosevelt and Michelle Obama.

Create your own adult coloring books for friends

So what are you waiting for. Start to browse and make a collection of the pages that you most want to do. Print them out or do them online. You can create different collections for different moods. You can do stylised animals and birds in one book then create a pop-culture book. These make great gifts for your friends and as you can customise the collection they will appreciate the time you have taken to hand pick images that you know they will like.

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