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Welcome to our wonderful world of kitten pictures. With over 20 coloring pages devoted to these furry balls of joy your children will have many fun hours with these attractive kitten pictures. The pictures in this section are aimed mostly at preschool and younger children due to their designs. We have allowed large patches of white which helps young children to have confidence in trying to stay in the lines. Until they are about 5 or 6, younger children do not have the fine motor skills that allow them to easily stay within the lines and they can become easily discouraged, particularly if they have older siblings that they can see are doing it easily.

In order to allow children to develop these skills, choose a kitten picture that has a large area of white and bold outlines such as “A kitten playing with a ball of string” the lines are simple and you can help your child choose a color for the body and a different color for the ears and the wool as well. When your toddler or child first attempts it, their hand does not know how to control the pencil or crayon.

With time, practice and encouragement, your child will start to develop the necessary fine motor skills to control the pencil better. As they master this skill, you will see they will want to do a lot of coloring pages. This is great. You can watch their progress as they improve. If you have a few children coloring together in a classroom setting or at home it is important to model positive behavior and not to allow negative comments about another person’s efforts.

Take some time choosing the pictures with your children. If you have several children, it can be a good idea for them to have different pictures, as sometimes they will become possessive or jealous if they don’t get a different picture. Children are often easily discouraged and get frustrated quickly so having a happy kitten to color in provides a welcome distraction. Children who are already comfortable using a mouse may want to try our online coloring pages of kittens which can be saved and shared with friends and family digitally. A good example of this is the ‘The Kitty Sleeping Kitten’. You can do the coloring in from our website or save the image for a paint program on your computer. Some of the pretty kitten pictures that are really popular with young children on our site include Nermal from Garfield comics, Hello Kitty, the Aristocats, Strawberry Shortcake with her kitten and the beautiful kitten from Disney’s Lady and the Tramp.

For kindergarten age children we have coloring pages with the letter K for Kitten and a picture to color as well. This helps children make the connection between the picture and the sound K. A pretty picture helps them to focus and learn this important lesson. Also, we have a connect the dots kitten picture to help with counting activities.

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