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You can download our wonderful coloring pages for your children. Let them enjoy re-creating some of wonderful rescue adventures of these heroic and funny pups. We are always adding more pages for you so you will have hours of fun with your children. Coloring together is a great way to connect with your children, develop vocabulary skills, develop fine motor coordination and have fun. A team of eight dogs who work for in emergency rescues, based in a town called Adventure Bay. They help people and animals who get in trouble. It is a very popular tv cartoon show and is in production for its sixth season. Type: suitable for both girls and boys between 3-6. The dogs talk. They are heroes but not superheroes. Catchphrases: “no job too big, no pup too small”, “we’ll be there on the double”.

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Paw Patrol Characters
There are eight main characters and each one has special skills and equipment. They are: Chase, who was Ryder’s first pup, a natural leader dresses in his blue police uniform with the 3 chevrons in yellow designating him as holding the rank of Sergeant. Sometimes he is an undercover agent. The other pups take direction from him, and as he says, “Chase is on the case!” Skye is second in command, and she is a cockapoo who flies a helicopter, helping to see missions from the air so she can report what she can see. She can use the grappling hook attached to her helicopter to rescue people who may be trapped up high. Chase is in love with her; Marshall is an important team member as the fire marshall, a Dalmation who puts out fires. The long ladder on his fire truck is used for rescues when people are trapped up high and he’s also like the doctor of the gang. He has an x-ray machine to detect broken bones; Rubble, an English bulldog who drives a bulldozer, wears yellow and is terrified of spiders. As a younger pup he didn’t have a family and was brought into Ryders home when Chase rescued him. His first mission was to rescue Jake who had been trapped under rocks. As part of the team Rubbles drives a bulldozer, helpful for clean up for major construction sites and disasters.
Rocky, a mixed breed pup who drives a recycling truck. He is the geek of the group and is able to reuse and recycle objects to make into items for rescue purposes. Zuma, a labrador who drives a hovercraft that converts into a submarine. He is a sea-faring rescue pup. Everest the husky pup is used for to help people trapped in the snow rescue pup. She is named after the Mt. Everest Tracker is able to track down anything using his advanced hearing. They all work under the direction of Ryder, a human boy who is great with gadgets and technology.

Other Paw Patrol Characters
Some of the other characters in the show include Alex, (Ryder’s friend), Captain Turbot and Jake the snowboarder who is also Everest’s owner and an adult friend to the pups. Last but not least there is the annoying and funny Chickaletta, the chicken who always gets herself in trouble and needs rescuing.

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