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Welcome to our cute coloring page, the home of many appealing and silly pictures to keep you, your children or students happy and entertained for hours. Here you will find hundreds of really cute coloring pages on our website. At last count it was over 245 pictures and we are always adding new pictures to keep our many fans returning time after time.

It will take you a long time to even browse all the images in this collection and you will see that we have all sorts of creatures in this category. Animals, insects and even sea creatures are transformed into cute versions for hours of coloring fun. Some of the most popular coloring pages are for the cute kittens, puppies, bears and turtles. You and your children can enjoy some peaceful times just browsing through the large selection of cute images.

If you are a school or preschool teacher looking for resources to keep the young ones entertained in an educational setting, the printable coloring pages that we have are something that you should bookmark as we know from experience how popular our pictures are for this very reason.

Whether you are seeking a cartoon image of a large eyed cute calf, cute baby tiger cub, baby elephant or even a cute spider, you will find many cute pictures that you will enjoy coloring. Most of the designs on this site are most relevant for kindergarten and pre-teens. In this category we do not have any of the challenging and intricate images that teens and adults enjoy mastering. For the youngest children up to kindergarten age, look out for images that have large blocks of white and large boundary lines so that they can start to practice staying in the line. At this age small children do not have much fine motor control, so by showing them to stay in a line, they will modify their instincts to make broad movements, to focus on smaller ones. Over time, and as their brain and fine motor skills improve, they will be able to stay within the lines easier. However, so they don’t get discouraged, for now don’t make a fuss if they go over the lines.

This is the great thing about the downloadable and printable images on our site, you can download the same pic over and over and see how your young ones improve. They will be able to see their improvements too and this will motivate them to improve even more. Remember that improving fine motor skills is not just for coloring or drawing. It is this skill that will help them to write and even manage to navigate a mouse.

Some of our images are also available for coloring online. Your children will be captivated by using the color palette. If you download the pictures, you can also edit them in programs such as MS Paint where you have additional tools and colors. This is a great way to help your children develop better mouse control and understand basic menu functions.

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